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Q2 Submission OPEN July 1 - July 30

DISA Compliance Monitoring (DCM Reporting) audits the drug and alcohol compliance programs of contractors and subcontractors for compliance with Department of Transportation drug and alcohol regulations and pipeline owner/operator specific requirements. DCM Reporting identifies red flags and deficiencies in a contractor's program before the owner/operator or the contractor comes under regulatory scrutiny. DCM Reporting works for the owners/operators and contractors we represent and all owners/operators and contractors have immediate real-time access to all drug and alcohol compliance information on their contractors and subcontractors.

We review the initial and on-going submissions of contractors/subcontractors and designate each a compliance rating of SATISFACTORY,   CONDITIONAL,   UNSATISFACTORY,   INCOMPLETE,  OR  IN REVIEW   Failure to maintain a SATISFACTORY rating may affect your company's ability to work for the owners/operators.


Step 1. Mandatory Onboarding Process Overview Meeting: This meeting is scheduled to go over the requirements/relationship for contractor/subcontractors with the owner/operator and DCM Reporting.

Step 2. Questionnaire: New contractors and subcontractors submit completed questionnaire within 3 days of receiving request.

Step 3. Initial Audit: New contractors and subcontractors must submit ALL drug and alcohol compliance information within 7 days of receiving our initial email.

Step 4. Reporting: Contractors and subcontractors report into DCM Reporting quarterly or semi-annually (depending on the owner/operator) updates to their testing data, employee list and recent testing dates.

Step 5. Spot Checks: DCM Reporting will periodically request specific test results, SAP reports, drug and alcohol history checks or training records and certifications to substantiate and validate compliance information reported by the contractor/subcontractor.

If you have questions about submitting or difficulty logging in with the username and password you were provided, please use our Contact Link and our staff will be happy to assist you.